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Art Classes and Workshops

For invitations to new classes, please sign up for my mailing list at:   

or call me at 949-285-1189. 

Payment Options

Below are some samples of past classes. From 2013 to 2018, I have been moving a lot, writing my books and working on my art. It is 2019, and I am now living in Sedona, Arizona.

You are invited to: Irene's Expressionistic Art Show & Book Signing at Impact Health  and Wellness Center Annual Christmas Party, Friday, Dec.13th,2014 from 6pm to 9pm.

Come join us for this spiritual adventure: A Creative Writing and Art Retreat in Bali this February 11 to 23rd, 2014. It is for the novice as well as advanced writers, dreamers, and painters. It shall be fun and liberating.

I had been focused on writing my book, now that it is published, I'll be starting classes and retreats again. Irene Vincent, May 2013

 Art Classes & Workshops  2011:

Inspirational Painting with Irene Vincent

Channeling Your Dreams and Soul Through Painting with Acrylics.

Experience the Healing Power of Transformation through Art.

No artistic experience needed. This class is for beginning artists as well as advanced artists.

As Your Dreams and Visions Take Form on Canvas, Your Visual Journal is Another Way for You to Gain Self-Awareness and Access into Dream Time and Other Realities. Painting is a Wonderful Way to Bring Joy into Your Life this New Year.  I will guide you in exploring color, composition, and various mediums.


Offers Acrylic Painting Classes for Students Ages 11-18
Minimum 3 students, 2 1/2 hour class
$40.00 per class with all supplies included.                                                                                            Cost is $25.00 each class if they bring required supplies.

  Call Irene: 949-285-1189

Painting with Oils and Egg Tempera over Oils.:  Beginners to  Advanced artists.

(You will be able to create from magical realism to magical abstracts with this method.)

Tuesdays,  1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 

Six Weeks

I'll supply the mediums, & egg tempera for the class and two gesso boards.   You bring your oil paint colors plus indigo color and your brushes, three small jars, & turpentine for brush cleaning. You can bring your your own gesso board also. 

I'll teach you to Paint with glazes

 You will learn to use egg tempera over the the final layers as high lights. 

You'll learn to mix the formulas. 

You'll learn how to create the egg tempera with a whole egg.

 Learn to create form with egg tempera. 

Learning how to transfer drawings to the canvas.

 Also you can paint with oils over Acrylics. 

Bring a drawing, a photograph, or portrait that you might want to paint. Or you can start the image free form like we do in our "Painting Your Way To Happiness Classes. "

Cost is $200.00     Limited to five artists.